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What weight of meat should I order...

At Simpsons Butchers we’re often asked how much meat is needed for a certain number of people so we have created this simple guide to help you out. Generally you would allow half a pound per person (225g) of boneless meat or three quarters of a pound (340g) per person of bone in meat. To see how much you need, please refer to the table below.

Boneless Meat Serving Bone In Meat
1lb / 0.45kg 2-3 -
2lb / 0.91kg 4-5 3lb / 1.36kg
3lb / 1.36kg 6-7 4lb / 1.82kg
4lb / 1.82kg 8-9 6lb / 2.73kg
5lb / 2.27kg 10-11 7lb / 3.18kg
6lb / 2.73kg 12-13 8lb / 3.64kg
7lb / 3.18kg 14-15 10lb / 4.54kg
8lb / 3.64kg 16-17 12lb / 5.44kg
9lb / 4.08kg 18-19 14lb / 6.35kg
10lb / 4.54kg 20-21 16lb / 7.25kg
11lb / 4.98kg 22-23 18lb / 8.16kg
12lb / 5.44kg 24+ 20lb / 9.07kg